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Catbird (on-the-Yadkin) Press is a part of an old tradition of making small edition and one-of-a-kind books.

We do collaborative projects and encourage what we believe is the revolution of handmade objects. Books are by their nature revolutionary. They are born of a need to transfer knowledge, deeply held beliefs, and personal stories. They ask us to read with our hearts. Handmade books are a revolution of hope and promise. If we learn to love what we make with our hands, perhaps we will use our hearts to protect what we make.

At Catbird Press, we make many books. We make them as etchings and woodcuts, linoleum cuts and engravings. We hand-set type and use rubber stamps for letters. Our motto at Catbird Press is this:  with enough glue, and some string, anything can be a book! 

We love what we do!

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