Terry Schupbach-Gordon, by Wayne Hinshaw

Storytelling is old and new….

… is told and sung…..
… is loud and quiet…
… is for listening and for joining in…
…..It will stir your heart…
… will make you laugh…
… will help you remember….
… will be with you forever….

A storytelling program with Terry Schupbach-Gordon is joyous.

The stories come from everywhere and have taken on the flavor of the Southeastern U.S. where Terry is from and now lives. The programs are designed to celebrate the sounds of individual voices. They include music, puppets and always, audience participation. The programs are generally 45 minutes in length, but can vary according to your situation. Terry also does storytelling workshops for all ages. These workshops are meant to give confidence to the storyteller that is already present in everyone. They are great for writing and language projects, journal writing programs, teachers, parent groups, teachers, or for anyone trying to develop their own ways of remembering and telling. Stories, like music, give us both pleasure and courage. A program of storytelling connects us with the past and with the human family that has kept these stories alive.

Puppet making

Puppet making workshops are full of gauze, paint, string, fabric and above all, enthusiasm. These workshops are designed to make and use puppets in a classroom, or to teach teachers to make and use simple puppets in their classroom curriculum. They are fast-paced, fun and just a little messy. A “making” workshop for a classroom requires at least two hours of working time.

puppet making puppet making puppet making puppet making