Book Arts Workshops

Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press is proud to be involved in a variety of collaborative workshops celebrating the art of the handmade book. We work with people of all ages with a wide variety of interests in the book arts, poetry and literacy. In fact, we believe that the book arts create a new kind of literacy combining what we feel and how our craft gives form to those feelings.

A bookmaking workshop can range from a simple lecture/show-and-tell to a workshop involving etching, woodcuts, typography and hand binding with a smattering of book history. The end results of a hands-on workshop are unique, handmade books usually with collaborative images and a greater appreciation for what a book can be. The workshops vary in length and size, although small classes work best. The workshops can take place anywhere there are tables and a willing group of young or old bookmakers.

At Catbird Press, we believe that with enough string, paper, a pair of scissors and the right attitude, anything can be a book.